Lydia had the guts to do what I couldn’t…remove her feeding tube.  Last week in the hospital, the nurses mentioned that I maybe more attached to the tube than Lydia.  I can’t help it.  I really like knowing how much food she is getting and it is so easy to get her meds down her.  My baby is growing so well.  She is 5 months old wearing 9 month clothes while she has cancer…that is amazing to me (and the medical staff too).

Yesterday in clinic Dr. Cook told me that I couldn’t feed her with the tube anymore.  She was nursing 95% of her feeds anyway, but that I could keep the tube for her meds if I wanted to.  Well,  Miss Lydia decided that she could take her meds like a big girl and did away with the tube.  It is freeing to be rid of the tube even for a while. 

Lydia goes to clinic tomorrow for chemo and possibly a transfusion.  It is so great to be able to do this all outpatient.  I didn’t realize how confining our hospital room was.

Thank you all for forwarding our situation on to others.  We have made a few Seattle contacts so far, and hope for many more.

Please continue to pray for God to heal Lydia.  I would love for Him to heal her supernaturally BEFORE transplant if He would allow it. 

Please also pray for Elijah and his family.  Elijah has infant leukemia, went to transplant, and has just relapsed.   Please visit Elijah’s carepage to read more about his journey and let his family know that you are praying for him.  His carepage name is elijahcarlsoncarepage.

 Thank you God, for allowing us to trust you through this journey.