Hiya all.

I spoke with Liz today.  She said Lydia is doing well…she has been having the nausea expected with chemo but not any of the other “unexpected” side effects that she has had in the past.  Thank you God!!  They are expecting that they MIGHT go home tomorrow, so if you’re on meal duty, stand by.  Anyway, we talked a little about Seattle, which is where they’ve decided to take Lydia for her stem cell transplant.  Clearly the most important thing to Liz is Lydia’s prognosis, which seems to be best in Seattle.  However, as you can imagine, this creates many logistical nightmares, most notably that David’s job is here in Birmingham.  Lydia will have to be in the hospital in Seattle for 6-8 weeks, and they will have to remain in Seattle for a total of 6 months.  During the 4 months that they are undergoing outpatient treatments, they are only allowed to be 20 minutes or less from the hospital in the worst rush-hour traffic.  That obviously limits greatly the places that they can stay.  Please be praying about that.  When I originally talked to Liz about that (before they’d made their final decision), I believe she told me that there is a Ronald McDonald house that she could stay in, but the boys would not be able to be there.  There is also apparently a studio apartment that might be available to them where the boys could join them, but you can imagine what that would be like.  I’m not sure where they are on this particular detail yet, but just be praying for God’s provision and guidance.

The need we can most help with today is to try to come up with ANYBODY we might know in the Seattle area who would be willing to be a resource for Liz while they are there.  There is a very real possibility that she will spend a great deal of time there by herself, and we won’t be around to help out.  So we need to do what we can to mobilize people in the area who can be.  I emailed the women’s ministry of the EFCA church in Seattle (Mike, Ed:  I hope this was ok.  I told them one of you would probably be in touch wtih someone on a more official note at some point).  If any of you know anybody out there, now would be a good time to start telling them about Lydia so that they can be praying about how they might be able to be involved.  Liz said it would be anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks before they would be going.  David will probably go up for the first week, and her mom for the 2nd.  After that, she doesn’t know what will happen.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks everybody!!