Lydia was admitted yesterday to start a new round of chemo yesterday.  She will recieve chemo for 5 days straight this week.  She had 4 heavy hitters yesterday.  She has been a little more nauseous than previously.  This is the round that made her so sick before.  Please pray for these poisons not to harm her, only to kill the cancer. 

Lydia will be going to transplant soon.  We are working all of the details out to transfer her to Seattle.  I have spoken with Dr. Jean Sanders about her protocol and the side affects to expect.  I feel very comfortable with the treatment she will recieve, but I am a bit nervous of all the details that have to come together.  We don’t know how we will make it work as a family yet.  David’s job is here.  Will there be a lot of flying back and forth?  Will the boys come out to Seattle for a while?  I don’t know any of the answers, but God does.  In Him alone, I will put my trust. 

I feel  like Abraham taking Isaac to the chopping block (I mean alter).  Lydia is doing so well.  She is in remission!  But we have to go to transplant or this dreadful cancer will come back. 

Please continue to pray for her healing, the boys, and the rest of us.  Also, please pray for the fighters listed on the sidebar.  Thanks. 

Blessed be God forever!