Thursday night, after getting home from clinic, Lydia spiked a fever.  This has happened before when she has lost all of her WBC’s due to chemo.  So off we go to the ER.  God is so good, because NO ONE was there. She could have caught anything.  We sat for hours in an ER room, because the hospital was completely full.  We are currently on a different floor from the oncology floor.  I have had much anxiety about being seperated from the nurses and doctors we love. 

Today during my distress, it was brought to my attention how many sick children are here.  In all of my own anxiety and selfishness, I was blinded to the hurting around me.  I want to have the heart of our Father in heaven.  Lord, teach me to pray.  Teach us all to pray.

Just wanted to let you know that Lydia is doing great.  She is still smiling and laughing.  She hasn’t had a fever in 24 hours.  She will get another blood transfusion tonight or tomorrow.  Everyday is one day at time.  Keep praying for Lydia and all the children that visit 4 tower.

Ever Thankful,