I just wanted to check in with everyone and let y’all know how our clinic visit went this week.  We went into our scheduled visit on Tuesday.  Lydia got checked over and they let us go home AGAIN!  Praise God!  Since we have been home, Lydia’s health has been uneventful!  This morning I noticed a couple of tiny bruises that had popped up, so we loaded up and went back to the clinic.  We saw our friend Meredith there.  She and her family have been down a similar road, and it always brings me such hope when I see them.  Lydia recieved platelets right there at the clinic, then got to come back home again!!!  We are so thankful for your prayers.  God is so faithful.

Since we have been home, my oldest son has been making Lydia laugh out loud.  She just adores her brothers and has been thriving being here.  That being said, we are getting closer to transplant time.  During that time she will be back in the hospital for many more monthes.  Please continue to pray for our family.  We are seriously considering going to Seattle for transplant.  I don’t know who all would go with Lydia and me.  Dr. Sanders has a lot of experience with Infant ALL-MLL.  The survival rate is much higher under her care than I have found anywhere to speak of yet.  I do know that God is the only one that knows when Lydia will live and die.  So in Him alone, I will put all my trust. 

It is very emotional for me to get Lydia ready for her bone marrow transplant, because I know it will make her so very sick.  Right now she is doing so well and thriving.  Without the BMT she will continue to make leukemia cells.  So I know it is what we have to do.  Keep pushing ahead.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.  All comments welcome.