This time I am not bluffing.  We got home yesterday, after the snow stopped, and spent our first night together as a family.  It was wonderful!  My boys are great, Lydia’s great, my husband is great.   We were all a little over stimulated with the new environment, emotions, and chores.  There is so much work to be done and very little sleeping to be had.  Lydia has so many medications, nearly a bagillion.  This time I know what they are, due to watching the nurses a Children’s everyday.  They were so great to help prepare me for this momentous occasion.  They had me practice changing the dressing on her central line and tell me the medications that she took as they were administering them.  They also let me practice giving her shot.  You have to understand that I don’t do needles, or hospital shows for that matter, so this is all a big stretch for me.  By God’s grace I have overcome a bunch of fears of mine.  Lydia is quite amazing through it all.

We go to clinic on Tuesday.  I continue to live moment by moment, not knowing when we will actually be readmitted to the hospital.  Thanks for your contined support and prayers.  I would like to add to our prayer list widom in choosing a transplant protocol.