I am speaking of a bone marrow match.  Not just one match, but multiple matchs.  There are six markers that identify a bone marrow match.  I have been told that siblings make the best match, but Lydia’s siblings are not biological.  Apparently she has many siblings in Christ, because all of the matches meet 6 out of 6 of the markers.  PRAISE GOD!!!  He is so good – all of the time.  Some of the matches are cord blood and some are adult bone marrow.  Our transplant doctor is researching to see which donor would be best for Lydia.  Even with a 6 out of 6 match, the new bone marrow could make blood that could reject her body. So now they are looking at other things, like the donor being CMV negative and such.

I am blown away with God’s provisions and the willingness of the body to serve. 

Lydia is having a great day!

More news to come.