I just returned from a visit with Liz and Lydia … and I got to see Lydia smile AND giggle! (She giggled a little when Liz tickled her tummy.) It was an amazing sight to behold.

As you know from recent posts, they were almost discharged over the weekend and again this morning. However, their boys have had a virus lately, and Liz and Dave decided that the risks in taking her home for just a couple of days before starting the next round of chemo outweighed the emotional benefit that they might get. So, Liz and Lydia are still at Children’s, and Lydia begins two new chemotherapy treatments today.

Both treatments will be administered through her central line. One drug is Cytoxin and the other is an Etopophos. I include this information primarily for those of you who have a medical background; for everyone else, just think like I do: two new chemo drugs today.

Liz specifically asked for prayer that Lydia’s head incision from her Ommaya Reservoir doesn’t leak again. (The Ommaya Reservoir is a plastic, dome-shaped device, with thin tubing attached to the underside to deliver chemo to the brain and spinal cord. Liz mentioned it in her last e-mail, but I wanted to be sure everyone knew what it is. It was new to me.)

As always, the Schusters are so thankful for everyone’s prayers!



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