Things change in an instant…and there are A LOT of instants in infant Leukemia.  I am sorry that I don’t update this blog as often as I would like too, but I get so emotionally and physically drained from all of the ups and downs. 

Since last up date Lydia became so strong and well.  I mean you guys must be praying up a storm.  God is so good.  The doctors discovered that all of the fluids that had to be flushed through Lydia’s body, to get the chemo – methotrexate out, were just too much for her system to retain.  That is what was giving her such fits on the 9th.  She was given a lot of Lasix and since then she got much better. 

Lydia got so much better that the Doctors want to send her home until her next treatment, basically 4 days.  We got all packed up, ready to go and the incision in her head started leaking.  What you may ask is she leaking? – Spinal fluid!  She has an Ommaya reservoir in her head where the Doctors tap into her central nervous system.  Her head has been retaining fluids on top of the reservoir.  Which abounded in pressure pulling on the incision. 

Thankfully we were still in the hospital and Lydia’s wonderful oncologist, Dr. Cook, was right there with us, loving on Lydia.  So, now we can’t leave the hospital because of risk of infection – meningitis!  The neurosurgeon on call came and evaluated her and decided to stitch her one little pinhole up, then tap her to culture the spinal fluid.  If she develops meningitis then she will have to go back for more neurosurgery, which is a very unpleasant thought.

So today, Sunday the thirteenth, she is stronger than yesterday or the day before that.  Her cultures are still negative, PRAISE GOD!!!  And I feel much relief, though I know that the battle is not over.  They are watching her overnight in the hospital, and will evaluate her again tomorrow.  If she still looks clear of infection, she will get to go home for possibly two nights! 

Lydia is God’s child.  He is in control.  I have to trust Him no matter how hard.  Things do change in an instant, so please keep praying.  We are desperate for them.