January 7

Lydia is having a very good day today. She’s been happy and awake all
morning, and today she held her head up and also SMILED! She started OT
and PT a couple of weeks ago to re-train her muscles to do the right
things. They’re specifically working on muscle control that will allow
her to lift her head and re-learn her grasping skills. She can’t hold her
arms up without help right now, but if they hold her arms up, she
plays with the toys suspended above her hospital bed.
Lydia’s intrathecal chemo (administered through the port in her head
but is, I think, actually considered a spinal tap) will go in tonight.
Let’s pray that the side effects are mild and easily manageable this time.
This week Liz is talking to Lydia’s doctor about getting her into the
stem cell transplant program (cord blood), and he is currently looking
for a match. As I understand it from Liz, there are six markers or
factors for a perfect match, but only a sibling or child of the patient
could possibly match all six. Since Lydia doesn’t have any biological
siblings, they are hoping to find a five-factor match in the database and go
from there.
Liz had the opportunity to spend the night at home AND go to church
yesterday! Liz was able to spend some good quality time with the boys (and Dave!), and she feels rejuvenated.
To summarize, please pray for:
– increased muscle control
– no side effects from the chemo
– a stem cell (bone marrow) match


January 9

I just talked to Liz this morning, and I told her I’d post an updated prayer request.  After having had one of her best days in ages on Monday, she apparently had one of her worst nights and has been having a lot of trouble since.  She has spiked a fever again, and they aren’t sure of the source.  She has been extremely uncomortable and is back on higher doses of pain medicine around the clock.  Liz also said that she is expected to have the worst of the side effects of the medicine that she is on right now in the next couple of days, so they only expect things to get worse in the coming days.  Please pray for her pain  again to be relieved and rest to be had for all, as well as that her infection would respond to antibiotics or be cleared up otherwise on its own.  I’ll keep you posted as I hear more.