I just got off the phone with Liz, and I thought I’d post an update since we haven’t had too much information lately.  Unfortunately, the news is not good.  Lydia received a very big whopping chemo treatment on Wednesday of last week.  They told her to expect the worst of the side effects to occur between 5 and 10 days post-treatment, and just as expected, she is now back to being in a tremendous amount of pain.  She is back on Morphine again, though at a much lower dose than before.  Liz said she had hoped to come to church with David today, but Lydia had such a terrible night last night that she just couldn’t leave her.  Her pneumonia is worse, and she is now on a combination of several antibiotics trying to clear that up.  She is due for another round of this same chemo on Wednesday, but if she is still in the same state as today, they will delay that.  I think that if she’s better from a lung standpoint, she can go ahead with the chemo, but from my understanding, if the worst side effects occur between days 5 and 10 and she has to get the next treatment on day 7, this is only going to compound her pain.  The current schedule would be to get a treatment once per week.  So please, please pray for Lydia’s pain to let up and for her pneumonia to be healed.  Pray that the morphine would not adversely effect her breathing.  And pray for everyone’s continued perseverance. 
When I talked with Liz on Friday, she mentioned that physical and occupational therapists had been working with Lydia and that she had begun to play a little with her toys, which was such a blessing.  But Liz did say that Lydia hasn’t smiled for many weeks, and she wants so badly to see her baby smile.  Would you all also join me in praying for little Lydia’s smile to return?  I know that would do her momma’s heart a world of good.
In Christ,