OK, I don’t know really where to begin, this week I have felt like we have been in the pit, but God is still good. Thankfully, Lydia has had more relief. Here’s the story since last reported.

Lydia’s pain medicine hurt her respiratory system, short term thankfully. But once again, she couldn’t get relief from her pain while searching for the cause of her pain. She is still congested, so added respiratory problems give every one a scare. I understand it would be quite easy for her to develop pneumonia. Twice in the middle of the night, she had chest x-rays, scaring the mama to death. As the week proceeded, she did develop some fluid on her lungs, but was given some meds to get rid of it.

Being only three months old, she can’t tell us what hurts. One morning her pain was so strong that she had seizure like symptoms scaring us all. The EEG showed that she did not actually have a seizure, praise God.

Her GI was definitely still causing problems. She was given some meds to coat her esophagus. Almost immediately she had some relief. Also an NG tube was inserted through her upper GI to expel some gas. This same tube could have been used to feed her if needed.

Her chemotherapy was halted so that she could get an MRI that look to see if the pain was being caused by fatal side effects by the chemo. The doctors were looking for all sorts of horrible thing to rule out…and they ruled each awful thing out!

By Thursday, Lydia had not eaten in three days. By that late night, her pain had diminished enough for her to be interested in nursing!!! She has nursed great since then. Also my boys came to see me! I miss them more than you can imagine. They look like they are doing great under the circumstances.

Her chemo began again, only one day off. By today, Saturday, she will be caught up again.

Friday was a great day! Still nursing and feeling comfortable. She was finally off of pain medicine! I was able to breathe again.

Today, she is a bit uncomfortable, from lesser effects from chemo. Thankfully she is helped by plain Tylenol. They took the NG tube out of her too! She has rested so well in my arms. I love being able to hold my baby girl. She just received more platelets and is doing well.

Thank You All!

I wanted to thank you all for your prayers and love. It is a privilege to be a part of the body of Christ.

Thank you to SVCC and my dear friends and neighbors for the dinners, supplies, oil changes, leaf blowing, massage, taxing family members, etc…The support is amazing! I can see Jesus in your eyes and hands.

Thanks to the hospital staff for the care, knowledge, healing, and servant heart.

Thanks to my family for taking on my normal roles of motherhood.

Thanks to God for all things. And for His body being so unified in such a real way right in front of my eyes. I am in such awe of His Majesty.