The latest on little Lydia seems to be good news – at least compared to the last few days.  She has been in so much pain, that even the super strong pain medicines she was getting through the tubes were not helping much.  Her pain levels prevented her from getting any good solid sleep for several days.  The doctors have ruled out pancreatitis, urinary tract infection, and cerebral spinal fluid infection, and a preliminary viewing of a CAT scan showed a full bladder and enough gas to float the Goodyear blimp (probably from all the medications and chemo).  Oddly, that was good to hear.   It’s amazing how a little gas can affect us!   They do still think that Lydia has ulcers in her esophagus and are now searching for little things causing her troubles instead of one big problem.   Right now she is sleeping (somewhat peacefully) in Liz’s lap.  Nothing quite like watching a sleeping baby – especially when it’s the first sleep she’s gotten in so long!  Mommy and mommy’s mommy could use a little sleep, too, since they were the ones trying to get Lydia to sleep!  The atmosphere around the hospital room has become more upbeat, and we all keep praying that things will continue to get better and that little Lydia’s intense pain levels will become a thing of the past.  The hospital staff has been very impressive  – caring, concerned, and helpful.  May God give them the knowledge, expertise, and wisdom they’ll need to get Lydia well.   Somehow,  He will make something good come out of all of this – Romans 8:28 reminds us that “all things work together for good…”