Hello all,

I just left Lydia’s room and told Liz and David that I’d update you on prayer requests.  Lee Kate and Tamara were exactly right about prayer needs, and they continue.

Lydia is really in the worst part of chemo side effects right now.  She is in obvious pain, and they can’t figure out where it is coming from.  The Nurse practitioner was in there when I was, and they think that she may have some “sores” in her stomach and intestines that are causing pain.  She has not been eating well, and has not wanted to nurse for several days  BUT while I was there, she got some pain medicine, and settled down and nursed really well and fell asleep, which was a huge praise, and an obvious relief to Liz.  Keep praying that she will keep eating on her own.

Lydia’s beautiful blonde baby hair is coming out in chunks.  Liz and David say that losing the hair is not upsetting them, but there is hair everywhere, all over them and all over the room, and it is just adding to the frustration.  Pray whatever you feel like for this

Liz and David are exhausted.  Not much sleeping going on, and when the sleeping is not happening, usually it is because Lydia is very uncomfortable, and seemingly in pain.  Liz and David are having to learn to administer daily injections that will be continued at home.  Liz is clearly extremely upset at watching her little baby in so much pain.  The best word I can use to describe her today, is heartbroken.    Again, prayers as you feel led for this.  It is difficult to find words.

Love and peace to all