The following is an update of some of the things that have transpired since the last post. This weekend has been a rough one. We have had many ups and downs. It feels like we have been under attack. After Lydia’s fever went down the hospital decided to go ahead and send her home after all. Saturday started in a scramble to get everything ready at the house. Family and friends worked hard to get pets sent away, medicine cabinets installed and last minute disinfecting done. I went to the hospital to help Liz with the discharge procedures. We received a large list of medications that we will be responsible for administering to Lydia every day she is at home. It was a bit overwhelming to see all those unfamiliar drug names and doses thrown at us all of the sudden. We have never been real good with organization. I guess it is time to learn.

We were happy to be going home but also a little bit nervous at the same time. Things started to go down hill when Liz’s mom called and told us our youngest son had a 102.6 degree fever and needed to go to the doctor. It turned out to be an ear infection. When we got home and started to unpack we noticed that some of the drug names on the bottles didn’t match the list that the nurse had prepared for us. We called the pharmacy and got it all straightened out. It seems that the nurse had used brand names for our list and the pharmacy had used the technical generic drug names on the labels. The night was rough. Lydia didn’t sleep at all and she was very fussy like she didn’t feel good. Early on Sunday morning Liz called the hospital and they told her to come on in to the Emergency Room. They decided to check Lydia back in to the hospital and we ended up right back in the same room we had started out in on Saturday. This has all been very tiring for all of us. Right now the doctors think she may just have bad acid reflux that is making her uncomfortable. I pray that it is just that simple. Lydia’s appetite has gone away and she is having trouble nursing right now. Pray that she will start to eat enough before they have to put a feeding tube in. It is hard to see your little girl suffer, but life is full of pain. We still have hope. I believe that she will probably have better days than this and she will have worse days than this. We still have a long road ahead of us. Right now the verse that we are trying to live out is

Romans 12:12

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Thank you all for your prayers, and may God bless you.