Woohoo! Some good news for Lydia! It is looking as if our Little Lydia might be able to come home for the first time in almost two weeks. The doctors are pleased with her progress and if her temperature remains normal and she remains symptom-free, Lydia will get to sleep in her own bed Saturday night, Dec. 8th (she has whispered to me that she just doesn’t sleep so well in those hospital beds :-).

Lydia will return to the hospital on Monday morning (Dec. 10th) for a pretty full day of medical necessities including a bone marrow biopsy, chemo treatments, and possibly blood and/or platelet transfusions. Monday evening she hopes to return home to sleep in her own comfy bed, surrounded by her jubilant brothers, ecstatic parents, and hovering grandparents and aunts. Her fluffy friends (of the stuffed animal variety) will be cheering her on from inside their new community home (a big box in another room). They understand that they must remain at a distance in order to keep dust and germs at bay. They are happy to make the sacrifice.

On a serious note, we want to thank each of you for your thoughts and prayers for Lydia. We want you to know that we are certain that Lydia’s strength and ability to withstand this onslaught are due in large part to your outpouring of loving concern to our Heavenly Father. We are humbled each day as we hear of prayers being lifted up to Him on her behalf by brothers and sisters whom we have never met…and may not meet on this side of Heaven. We can never repay you, but we ask that each of you be blessed in abundance overflowing by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ. And we ask that you keep on praying…