Mr. Bigs, my 16 month old, bit a child at the Mothers Day Out Thanksgiving party day. When I arrived for the festivities, he was there having a marvelous time. Then he saw me and the party was over for him, though just beginning for the others. Crying when he sees me is not abnormal for him. He often gets overwhelmed with emotion like this when I pick him up from MDO or the church nursery. When this happens, we hug for a while, then he is ready to face the world again.

Apparently, not so today. During the party, I held him the whole time and he was ok. After the party, I left him with his teachers and he began crying again. When I picked him up his teacher told me that he had bitten a girl without cause then later pulled her hair hard. Rough day.

I am over beating myself up about not taking him with me when I left, and yes for not having taught my baby how to deal with his frustration. So now that the “being about me” part is done, I am now left with how do I handle situations like these.

Though you never want your child to be the biter, only the one bitten, I was glad when he struck again. I had spoken with a friend of mine who has so many kids, that I can’t count (they don’t stay still long enough). She told me that he will “get it” if I catch him in the act and react swiftly and mean business.

Entered big brother. They played hard together. Mr. Biggs gave big brother a big hug and then chomped. Big brother yelled. I yelled ouch that hurts and put him in time out.

Later he acted like he was going to bite each of us, all in the name of fun. But I interceded each time. He hasn’t tried again since that turkey day and for that I am quite thankful.